There are numerous  causes of Hip pain; this includes injury to the cartilages, joints, tendons and ligaments of the hip itself but many don’t. Many other neurological and musculoskeletal structures can refer pain to the hip – making the condition tricky to manage unless you’ve been thoroughly assessed and your specific condition diagnosed.

Normal function of the hips is quite complicated and heavily reliant on good function in the low back, pelvis, knees and feet. Osteopathic examination takes into account the many intricacies of hip structure and function and looks at how the hips may be stressed by dysfunction in other areas of the body. Addressing these other areas can be pivotal in reducing hip pain and can effectively reduce stress on even the most degenerated and arthritic hips.

We’ll even help you plan your return to work and sport to ensure we minimise the risk of reinjury.

A low percentage of hip injuries are persistent enough to warrant further investigations such as arthroscopies or MRI scans. In uncommon cases reconstructive surgery may even be required to repair cartilages or ligaments and re stabilize the joints – Our Osteopaths can advise you of what sorts of treatments are best suited to your injury and are most likely to get you back out living your life and doing the things you enjoy.

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Located 1km from St Helena Marketplace, convenient for Greensborough, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Research, Montmorency and Plenty residents.

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Osteo for Families – Fannie Bay

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Enter from Playford Street.

Appointments available Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours.

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