Osteopathy for Babies & Children

Osteo for Families treat newborn babies and children for a wide range of conditions.

Osteopathy is a safe and gentle form of manual medicine which can be effective for the entire body.  Osteopaths commonly focus on the musculoskeletal system but also look at other areas of the body including the nervous system and endocrine / digestive systems.

We treat babies and children using gentle techniques to help release any strains or stressors that your child has received, whether it is from birth, trauma, rapid growth periods, or operations. *Please note we do not use any techniques that involve cracking of the joints.

All children will have a thorough history taken followed by an examination that may look similar to what your Maternal Child Health Nurse completes plus an osteopathic examination looking at their joints and muscles and how the body moves and breathes.

General and brief examples of our approach:

Bub’s neck looks shorter on one side; we may check their nervous, spinal and muscular system to see where the restriction is.

Repeated ear infections in children can be quite common. Our approach is to make sure there is freedom particularly around the neck and head for infections to drain. We may also check for spinal, neural and muscular restrictions too.

If your child is favouring one side when walking or tripping over regularly we may look at their spinal and muscular system to check if there is any tightness or lack of mobility in certain joints that is affecting their coordination.

We treat using a range of gentle techniques to release restrictions, improve mobility and provide an overall balance to your child’s system. At Osteo for Families Darwin and Diamond Creek we pride ourselves on our ability to assist our patients in achieving their optimum health by correcting any underlying dysfunction. All babies and children present to us differently as no two children are the same, therefore treatment styles, techniques and advice will all be different and cannot be guaranteed. For more information please contact us directly on 0416 161 411 or via email using the contact for on our website:  www.osteo4families.com.au

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Diamond Creek ClinicDarwin Clinic

Osteo for Families – Diamond Creek

2 Cockatoo Court
Diamond Creek, VIC 3089
Phone: 0416 161 411

Located 1km from St Helena Marketplace, convenient for Greensborough, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Research, Montmorency and Plenty residents.

Osteopath helping people in Mill Park, Bundoora, Viewbank, Yallambie, Watsonia, Watsonia North, Briar Hill, St Helena, Yarrambat, Lower Plenty, Montmorency, Eltham North, Wattle Glen, Kangaroo Ground. Act now to improve your physical wellbeing.

Osteo for Families – Fannie Bay

8 Cooper Street
Fannie Bay, NT 0820

Enter from Playford Street.

Appointments available Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours.

Osteopath helping people in lawa, Brinkin, Casuarina, Jingili, Lee Point, Millner, Moil, Nakara, Nightcliff, Rapid Creek, Tiwi, Wagaman, Wanguri, Karama, Leanyer, Malak, Marrara, Wulagi, Bagot, Bayview, Charles Darwin, Coonawarra, Cullen Bay. Act now to improve your physical wellbeing.


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