Madeline Sherlock

Madeline is a qualified Osteopath from Victoria University. Madeline treats a range of musculoskeletal conditions; regardless of the individuals age, type or mechanism of injury. She has a varied technique approach to address both acute and chronic injuries which may include soft tissue massage, stretching, articulation and mobilisation. Madeline has a particular interest in paediatrics and women’s health, of which she can now personally relate to after the birth of her daughter in 2017 and has also completed post-graduate study in these areas. She is able to perform dry needling and is also familiar with Pilates and incorporating it with exercise prescription and management.

Her main goal in treating and managing people Osteopathically is to enable patients to reach their optimum health; including becoming pain-free and returning to their pre-injury activities. Madeline believes that taking care of her own health and well-being is an important aspect to being a worthy practitioner.

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