A little bit about us


Welcome to Osteo for Families

We are a team of 3 qualified Osteopaths who thrive to deliver Best Care to all our patients whether you are 2 weeks old or 98 years old.

At Osteo for Families our mission statement is Holistic Health Care for the Whole Family. What this means is we don't just look at your back or neck or where your pain is, we take into account that you may have a 2 year old who you always carry on your hip, or that you are a painter who has pain in the neck and shoulder from painting ceilings. We therefore design a treatment plan specific to you and provide you the necessary tools to be able to live life to the fullest with minimal pain.

All our Osteopaths live and work by our core values:

Honesty- Being truthful to not only yourself but everyone around you
All inclusive- welcoming to all ages and those from all walks of life
Best Care- Acting in the best interests of the individual patient and team members without bias or judgement
Respect for everyone - showing care, concern and consideration for an individuals' needs or feelings
Be memorable- create a fun and supportive environment and go the extra step sort of things


Meet our team


Dr Carly Broadbent

Dr Carly Broadbent graduated from Victoria University as a qualified Osteopath. In 2012 after her third child was born she opened Osteo for Families. Having worked in many clinics throughout Queensland and Victoria she could see that a clinic which catered for families, in particular mum’s with young babies was necessary. Carly’s vision was to create a space where mothers could feel comfortable to have a treatment whilst their child/children could play on the floor without mum stressing whether they were going to break anything!

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Dr Mariella Berry

Mariella completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences (clinical sciences) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University to become a qualified Osteopath. During her final years of University, Mariella spent time in multiple clinics over Melbourne treating a range of patients and conditions.

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Dr Catherine Spiteri

Catherine graduated from RMIT in 2008 following 5 years of university study, and she has predominately worked in Melbourne’s north east since. She has completed further studies that include topics such as paediatrics, Biodynamic view of osteopathy, and ergonomics.

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