How Osteo has changed the way patients manage their pain

This day and age many people are turning away from traditional medicine when seeking solutions for pain therapy.  Back in the day if you suffered with a headache you would continue to take Panadol until the headache went away, but after a while Panadol stopped working.  You may have then turned to ibuprofen until you started getting signs of a stomach irritation.  So what was next? Panadeine…. then medication prescribed by the G.P.  Before you knew it you were caught in a cycle of chasing pain with medication.  All this time the cause of the headaches had not been identified.

As Osteopaths our aim is to identify where your headache or back pain etc is coming from. With a thorough history, assessment and treatment we aim to offer immediate relief to the acuteness of the pain where possible, whilst aiming to avoid medication.  We will then, with your help aim to adjust the cause of the headaches.  An example of this is your pillow maybe too high or too low, you work off a lap top and your desk ergonomics are not set correctly, you may have a child who is constantly sitting on one hip making you over use one side of your body leading to neck strain and headaches.

At Osteo for Families you will know if we can help you and your pain within the first three treatments.  We pride ourselves on honesty and working with the philosophy of finding the cause, fixing it and not have you keep coming back.

Laura MorganGeneral Osteo